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Eternal Charm Box Monthly Subscription

Eternal Charm Box Monthly Subscription

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Encanto Eterno Box is much more than a jewelry subscription; it's a gateway to timeless elegance and dazzling confidence.

Encanto Eterno Box is much more than a jewelry subscription; it's a promise of exclusivity and elegance for every woman who subscribes. In each box, you'll find carefully selected 1 to 3 unique pieces of jewelry, designed to elevate your style and highlight your individuality in a way you won't find anywhere else.

Encanto Eterno Box isn't just about shiny accessories; it's about the magic that each piece carries with it. They're symbols of history, self-love, and female empowerment, intended to remind you of your own worth and enhance your natural beauty.

The importance of Encanto Eterno Box for women lies in its ability to celebrate individuality and highlight each woman's authenticity. These pieces won't be available in our store, which means only women who subscribe to Encanto Eterno Box will have the privilege of owning them, giving them unparalleled exclusivity.

Why is Encanto Eterno Box an advantage for women? Because it gives you the opportunity to be unique, to express yourself authentically, and to add a touch of sophistication to your personal style. It's an exclusive experience that invites you to shine with your own light and celebrate your beauty in a way that only Encanto Eterno can offer.

Discover the power of exclusivity and join us on the journey to enduring beauty. Because every woman deserves to feel special, and Encanto Eterno Box is here to make it possible.


  • EXCLUSIVITY - You'll have access to exclusive jewelry pieces that won't be available for sale in the store, allowing you to stand out with a unique style.
  • VARIETY - Each month you'll receive 1 to 3 new carefully selected jewelry pieces, providing you with a wide variety to complement different styles and occasions.
  • CONVENIENCE - You'll be able to receive the pieces directly to your door, without the need to leave your home or spend time searching in physical stores.
  • SAVINGS - The monthly subscription offers excellent value for the price, allowing women to get several high-quality pieces at an affordable cost.
  • SURPRISE AND EMOTION - Each monthly box will be an exciting surprise, as you won't know which pieces you'll receive, adding excitement and fun to your fashion experience.
  • EMPOWERMENT - By wearing elegant and exclusive jewelry pieces, women can feel empowered and confident, expressing their individuality and unique style to the world.
  • COMMUNITY - By being part of the subscription, you'll join a community of women who share your love for fashion and elegance, providing you with the opportunity to connect and share experiences.
  • FLEXIBILITY - You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, giving you the freedom to control your experience according to your needs and preferences. Dear Encanto Eterno community! We want to inform you about the details of our monthly subscription, so you have all the necessary information.

First, we want you to know that you can cancel your subscription at any time, before the next month begins. We value your flexibility and want you to feel comfortable with your decision at all times.

As for shipping, if you make a regular jewelry purchase, you can expect to receive your package quickly. In Puerto Rico, shipments usually arrive within three to five business days. However, if the purchase is made from another state, delivery time may vary and take more than five days, depending on the distance and shipping conditions.

On the other hand, with Encanto Eterno Box, we want to ensure that each box is a special experience. That's why we don't have an exact shipping date. Boxes will be sent between the third and fourth week of each month, to ensure that you receive your pieces with care and attention, ready to surprise you with their unique beauty.

Finally, once you subscribe, we want to remind you that the debit for the subscription payment will be automatically debited from the first to the fifth of each month. This ensures that you can enjoy your pieces without worrying about additional payments.

We hope this information is helpful and that you feel comfortable and secure being part of the Encanto Eterno family. Thank you for trusting us to add a touch of timeless elegance to your life!

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Caring for jewelry requires some special considerations due to its unique materials and designs. Here are some tips to help you care for your jewelry:

Keep it dry: Jewelry often contains non-precious metals, synthetic gemstones, or painted components. To prevent tarnishing or discoloration, avoid exposing your jewelry to water, moisture, or excessive humidity. Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, or engaging in activities that could cause it to come into contact with water.

Avoid direct contact with chemicals: Chemicals found in cleaning products, perfumes, lotions, and hairsprays can damage the finishes or colors of jewelry. It's best to put on your jewelry after applying these products and avoid direct contact whenever possible.

Store properly: Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep it separate from other jewelry to prevent scratching or tangling. Using individual pouches, small boxes, or dedicated jewelry organizers can help protect your fantasy pieces.

Clean gently: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe your jewelry after wearing it to remove any oils, dirt, or residues. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents, as they can damage the finishes or colors of the jewelry. If needed, you can use a slightly damp cloth, but ensure it is thoroughly dried afterward.

Handle with care: Handle jewelry delicately, as some components may be more fragile compared to fine jewelry. Avoid bending or twisting delicate parts, and be cautious not to snag or pull on any embellishments or chains.

Store separately: Different jewelry pieces may have different materials and finishes. To prevent any potential reactions or damages, store each piece of fantasy jewelry separately, or wrap them individually in soft, acid-free tissue paper.

It's important to note that the specific care instructions for fantasy jewelry may vary depending on the materials used. Always refer to any care instructions provided by the manufacturer or consult with the jewelry retailer for the best practices to care for your particular jewelry pieces.

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